Slack Notifications

These functions handle the processing of Jamf Pro webhook events to Slack notifications.


Takes a Jamf Pro webhook event object and returns a formatted Slack message from the details if it is in the supported webhook events list.

If the webhook event is not supported None will be returned.

Parameters:webhook – Jamf Pro webhook JSON as dictionary.
Returns:Formatted Slack message.
Return type:dict or None
jackalope.routes.jamfpro.webhooks._message(text, title, title_link=None, color='gray', fallback_text=None, image=None, fields=None)

Create a Slack formatted message to use with jackalope.slack.send_notification().

  • text (str) – The main text to display in the message.
  • title (str) – The title of the message.
  • title_link (str) – An optional URL to pass that will convert the title into a clickable link.
  • color (str) – The color to display in the sidebar of the message. Must be of a value in the _colors dictionary or will default to gray.
  • fallback_text (str) – Alternative text to display in place of the provided text value. If not submitted this will be set to the value of text.
  • image (str) – The filename of an image located in /static/images/ to link to with the message. If not submitted this will be set to general_64.png.
  • fields (dict) – A dictionary of keyword values to populate the optional fields attribute of the Slack message.
jackalope.slack.send_notification(url, message)

Send a formatted Slack message to a channel’s inbound webhook.